Webinar engagement is key for a successful presentation.

You’ve successfully gotten people to sign up for your webinar. But how can you make them want to utilize your services or products? Make sure your webinar doesn’t bore them to tears! Have you ever sat through a class or webinar that just seemed to drone on and on? You may have found yourself examining your shoes in great detail or thinking about what you wanted to do over the weekend. That’s precisely what you

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Split testing can help optimize webinar registration pages.

Split testing has long been used to pinpoint and optimize many types of content, both print and digital. But have you ever thought about using it to drive more conversions for your webinars? First, the basics: Split testing, which is also called A/B testing, is a way to compare two versions of any type of content to determine which performs better. The two versions aren’t usually entirely different—they just have a few variables. Once these

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Write a webinar with these three steps.

Whether you’re preparing for your business’ first webinar or you’re an old hand at webinar presentation, one thing remains the same. Before you can present your webinar—and enjoy the sales that result—you’ve got to put the pen to paper, so to speak. Unless you were part of an improv show, you wouldn’t present in the theater without a script. The same goes for your webinar. You need an outline of what you want to share

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