You’ve successfully gotten people to sign up for your webinar. But how can you make them want to utilize your services or products? Make sure your webinar doesn’t bore them to tears!

Have you ever sat through a class or webinar that just seemed to drone on and on? You may have found yourself examining your shoes in great detail or thinking about what you wanted to do over the weekend. That’s precisely what you want to avoid in the webinars you present.

Increasing your webinar engagement can be challenging, but you can master the art of presenting an interesting, thought-provoking webinar that also drives sales. Let’s take a look at two specific ways to make that happen.

Webinar Engagement Tip: Make It a Collaborative Effort

It may not be Thursday, but let’s throw it back for a moment. Back when you were in high school or college, what were your favorite classes? For many of us, those favorites were classes that allowed for interaction—not the classes where the professor just reviewed notes in a slide presentation or on the chalkboard.

The same principle holds true for webinars. If you want to be a webinar “favorite” and increase your webinar engagement (and sales!), you need to find ways to actively engage with your participants.

Seeking participant feedback is a great place to start, and it can give you information that’ll help flesh out your presentation and even provide fuel for future webinars. What topic are you presenting about? Based on that topic, what question can you ask your webinar participants? You want to dive into their personal experiences for the most keen insight—and good conversation via the webinar chat function.

You can also increase your webinar engagement by collaborating with one or more co-presenters. If there are multiple subject matter experts on your webinar topic within your business, involve them each in your webinar. Having more than one voice giving credence to your topic will grab your audience’s attention and enhance their webinar experience.

An engaged audience is a win all around. When webinar participants are more engaged in your webinar, they’re also more likely to engage with whatever product or service you’re selling. And hey, that’s ultimate goal, after all!

Webinar Engagement Tip: Believe in Yourself—and Let That Show!

This tip for improving webinar engagement has two equally important parts. First, you want to actually present your webinar, not just read it. And second, you want to make sure your voice—and that of any other presenters—conveys excitement.

Both parts require advance preparation. Once you’ve created your webinar script, walk through your presentation more than once. One of those times, make sure you have someone else listening, or record yourself and listen to it afterward.

You need to feel comfortable and familiar enough with the content that you’re naturally speaking about it—not reading off your deck slides or the script. You can use those as visual cues for where you are in your presentation, but you shouldn’t be reading from them. You want the presentation to come off as a conversation and not a speech.

You also need to make sure that you sound enthusiastic about what you’re saying. Remember Charlie Brown’s teacher? That’s exactly what you don’t want to sound like to your audience!

If you aren’t interested in the topic, how can you expect your audience to be? Your tone of voice needs to show that you’re excited about the topic. Practice until you’re confident that people will know you know what you’re talking about and that you LIKE what you’re talking about!

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